Pedicure Chair PediSlim.
Comfortable as home chair.

Supreme Comfort

Premium quality pedicure chairs ensures ultimate comfort and a sense of luxury during foot treatments. The reclining backrest and unit rotation allows optimum comfort and ergonomic positioning for both client and pedicurist.

Stable base of the unit is movable and can be conveniently placed when finding the ideal location.

The footrest adjust according to customer growth and to a height of 75 cm.

fotel do pedicure pedislim

Unique functionality

This is something completely new on the market:
chair in such shape that does not need to carry cumbersome water installations!
It can be at any location, can be easily moved.
The removable foot bath allows you to maintain complete cleanliness and hygiene.



fotel do pedicure


Aesthetics and durability

The pedicure chair is made ​​from the finest materials with great precision of each element. A special hand-stitched upholstery is stain resistant and easy to clean. PediSlim pedicure chair is ideal for a small beauty salon, as well as the prestigious spa.

Size: Length: 130 cm, Width: 84 cm, Footrest height: 55-75 cm, Weight: 45 kg



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