For real athletes
and fitness enthusiasts.

PowerSlim Gym and PowerSlim Fitness are an ideal devices for fitness clubs and sport centers. PowerSlim devices increase the effectiveness of all aerobic exercises and improve body condition of both sport professionals and amateurs.

Maximum Infrared
and Ionization Power

Unparalleled slimming and healthiness effects, tested by professional athletes. PowerSlim Gym and PowerSlim Fitness devices improve the aerobic exercise results.

While exercising on treadmill or stationary bike the body is affected by infrared and ionization. The rapid body warm up and enhanced metabolic processes are noticeable after a few minutes.


One exercise – four benefits!

Ordinary aerobic training gets four valuable benefits:

Instant and safe warm up

Rapid elimination of sore muscle

Healthiness and fitness improvement

Slimming and cellulite reduction


PowerSlim Gym

The first device compatible with professional fitness equipment..
Adjustable to the sizes of even the biggest aerobic equipment, it can be combined with any cardio device such as a treadmill, a stepper, an exercise cycle, or a vibrating platform.

By Adding the PowerSlim Gym to a treadmill you get unique effects of trainings and a new attractive offer for customers seeking novelties and high efficiency.

Its height is adjustable to all preferences and optimum width enables a combination with practically any fitness device. Easy operation and design resistant to crashes ensure uninterrupted work in all conditions.

Dimensions: Length: 165 cm; Width: 140-160 cm; Height 160-210 cm


Reasons for choosing the PowerSlim Gym:

  • Safe and easy-to-use equipment
  • Adjustable to all cardio devices
  • Quick swapping of aerobic equipment
  • 3 times more efficient training
  • Very energy efficient device
  • Captivating design attracts the attention
  • Profitable both in huge fitness club and a small beauty center
  • NO maintenance and servicing costs
  • The technology that differs you from your competitors!
  • Selected by athletes and celebrities


PowerSlim Fitness

Movable and compact unit owes its unique effectiveness in body slimming and skin care to ionization and infrared energy. From now on the power of infrared and ionization you can use in all fitness exercises.

You can increase the effectiveness of any fitness exercises. PowerSlim Fitness can be easily customized to fit in alongside other fitness equipment such as: vibration plates, stationary bicycles, treadmills, steppers, rolletics, crosstrainers etc.

The device maximally helps in slimming and cellulite reduction. It warms up the body, looses muscles and gives relaxation.

Dimensions: Length: 120 cm; Width: 130 cm; Weight: 35 kg





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Extra features each client would love:


Collagen Therapy

Special infrared rays intensively stimulate collagen production, which with age ceases to be produced by our body. Thanks to the PowerSlim treatment we can stop the aging process, and the body becomes firm and pleasant to the touch.

Metabolism stimulator

Synergy of infrared and ionization naturally launches numerous metabolic processes. During one PowerSlim session you can burn up to 2,000 calories, which replaces the energy consumption during the 10-15 kilometer running.

Light therapy

The light used in Powerslim contain the best sun rays closed in filament. Infrared illumination of the pineal gland has antistress effect and acts as an antidepressant.

Body immunization

The infrared and ionization increase cardiac and respiratory system efficiency and improves resistance to infections.

Endorphins generator

Infrared affects the process of endorphins production – the hormone of happiness. After each treatment you will feel the wave of pleasure.

The highest quality engineering

In PowerSlim devices we use the best global solution. Designed in France infrared emitters are provided by Philips, what guarantees the highest efficiency and reliability. Precisely designed infrared filaments emit only desirable thermal wavelengths providing optimum skin and subcutaneous tissue penetration.


Immediate warming up

On usual work-out you need 30 minutes to warm-up. In PowerSlim Active calories combustion follow after only 3 minutes!! Infrared radiation instantaneously warms up the tissues and muscles while stimulating blood circulation and metabolism.




Patent RP

Metoda wspomagania odchudzania zastosowana w urządzeniach PowerSlim chroniona jest patentem. Ten najważniejszy państwowy dokument potwierdza skuteczność metody. Prawie trzy lata trwały badania specjalistów urzędu patentowego RP nad urządzeniami PowerSlim.
Badano nie tylko skuteczność działania, ale przede wszystkim unikalność zastosowanych rozwiązań w skali światowej.

Stosowany tylko w urządzeniach PowerSlim i chroniony patentem RP system jonizacji teraz działa z podwójna siłą. Dwie dysze na pulpicie gwarantują potężna dawkę jonów, które prowadzą do odblokowania metabolizmu podczas regularnych sesji.

Olympic Method of supporting metabolizm

Ionization is a patent taken directly from olympic training rooms, now available in your own fitness center.
Due to the air ionisation, oxygen assimilation is increased, which is directly connected to the effect of slimming and skin care. Air ionisation improves our heart, lungs and arteries which also increases our condition from a poor level to a very good condition, as more oxygen is carried to the blood.

Results: faster metabolic processes, improved condition, greater effects of exercises, a pure loss of body circumferences, lower body weight, visible cellulite reduction.


Wykorzystywane przez zawodowców – skuteczne dla wszystkich!

Powerslim Gym zostało przetestowane przez zawodowych koszykarzy Asseco Prokom. Sportowcy chwalą silne dziaanie podczerwieni, doskonałą rozgrzewkę i nieoceniona pomoc w likwidacji zakwasów