Nowe Łóżko Kosmetyczne

Nowa Jakość Zabiegów



Do you still use the usual cosmetic beds? Just 30 minutes of idle lying is enough for the body to get chilled. This dramatically affects increasing discomfort during the procedure. While cleansing the face with steamer, the temperature differences cause even greater coolness. Covering the customer with a blanket might work, but that is an outdated method of the past century.

The ordinary cosmetic beds are going on the scrap heap. These days the customers expect the latest solutions that will improve the comfort and effectiveness of each treatment.
The PowerSlim cosmetic bed is the newest quality of all treatments in your beauty salon.

Nowe Łóżko Kosmetyczne PowerSlim

Idealne Stanowisko dla Twoich Zabiegów


Pleasant warmth and greater effects

Heating the body with infrared provides extremely enjoyable and subtle warmth that wraps up the client and triggers total relaxation.

Additionally, during the body treatment infrared and ionization raise the effectiveness by improving firmness and appearance of the body. The skin becomes smooth and velvety to the touch, and cellulite disappears without a trace.

Ordinary bed or PowerSlim?

Anyone who has once experienced the effect of PowerSlim has no dilemma.
At a similar price level the customers always choose the beauty salon with PowerSlim bed instead of the ordinary, cold bed which does not provide any additional benefits.


PowerSlim cosmetic bed is a perfect solution for places that offers comprehensive body and facial treatments, as well as massages.

Body Treatments

All body treatments performed ​​on our bed are more effective. Immediately skin looks better, the skin appearance is quickly improved. Such result is very clear to see even after very first treatment.


Pleasant heat provides incredible recreation during treatments and massages. Even on a cloudy day everyone can feel like on the sun-drenched beach.

Facial Treatments

Your customers will appreciate extra benefits they will receive during standard facial treatments. Blissful warmth and comfort – every customer will appreciate it.

Extra features each client would love:

Collagen Therapy

Special infrared rays intensively stimulate collagen production, which with age ceases to be produced by our body. Thanks to the PowerSlim treatment we can stop the aging process, and the body becomes firm and pleasant to the touch.

Metabolism stimulator

Synergy of infrared and ionization naturally launches numerous metabolic processes. During one PowerSlim session you can burn up to 2,000 calories, which replaces the energy consumption during the 10-15 kilometer running.

Light therapy

The light used in Powerslim contain the best sun rays closed in filament. Infrared illumination of the pineal gland has antistress effect and acts as an antidepressant.

Body immunization

The infrared and ionization increase cardiac and respiratory system efficiency and improves resistance to infections.

Endorphins generator

Infrared affects the process of endorphins production – the hormone of happiness. After each treatment you will feel the wave of pleasure.

Top technology

We have used modern infrared technology straight from Paris. Philips emitters perfectly affect the body and skin. Infrared intensifies numerous metabolic processes, stimulates collagen production and improves appearance and elasticity of skin. Skin gains a healthy color, becomes smooth and velvet.

But that’s not all … Unique technology of ionization gives relaxation a new meaning. Thanks to negative ions you are brisk, and metabolic processes (so important in many treatments) go more efficiently and quicker. The ionized air removes fatigue and gives a great mood, improves the efficiency of the respiratory system and affects the skin perfectly.





Convenient height adjustment

Electrically operated height makes it easier for the staff. Setting the optimum height is crucial in many treatments and massages. Increased width is greater comfort for the customer. A special, soft and durable cosmetic upholstery is covered with a coating that protects against contamination. The cosmetic hole for the face and pillow included.

Special offers and prices

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Technical Specifications:

Lenght: 283 cm
Height: 167 cm
Width: 79 cm
Weight: 85 kg

Power Supply: 230 V, 850 W

Cosmetic Bed: height electrically adjustable,
operated by the remote control


We offer full support for PowerSlim equipment purchasers


Specially designed marketing program gives you new clients from the first week of product launching.


We will provide technical training for your staff, as well as practical training in performance of specific beauty treatments.


Original PowerSlim Velvet Skin preparation increases the effect of every treatments and is an additional source of your incomes.

Diet program

Our diet program is a valuable treatments supplement. It is also an additional customer incentive to purchase a package of treatments.